Posted on Feb 1, 2017 UTC by inkycatz

Now presenting Mouse-V1-16, a mouse neuron located in the primary visual cortex. Feel free to provide your best traces upon this mouse-terpiece of a challenge, available now.

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Posted on Jan 25, 2017 UTC by inkycatz

We’re hanging out in the primary visual cortex for this next duo of challenges. We appreciate your hard work on the most recent batch and hope to have feedback to share soon from our scientists. In the meantime, you can access our new challenges here.

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Posted on Jan 24, 2017 UTC by inkycatz

Heads up: Mouse-V1-12 and Mouse-V1-13 are both closing tomorrow morning at approximately 10am, Pacific time. We are currently preparing two neurons to give everyone fresh material to work with, and those will go up at the same time the other challenges close. We’re so close to getting finished with these two, so be sure to get all your tracing in.

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Posted on Jan 23, 2017 UTC by inkycatz

We have a another dose of feedback available to our community today. Did you see our previous post? If not, go check it out after you’re done here.

For this neuron, about 60% axon was captured, and 95% dendrite was captured this time. We noted one major branching error in the dendrites and a small amount of false positive captured, mostly in the lower right area. In the image below, gold standard is red (axon) and blue (dendrite); consensus is green. The reconstructions and the maximum intensity projection (MIP) image are not to scale.



We're very impressed with this one. The community reached about 90% axon captured (with a couple short segments we probably missed) and 99% dendrite (one minor error, but also a couple of dendritic tips we missed). Almost zero false positive signal. Awesome!



On this neuron, we would say the community captured about 75% axon, 85% dendrite (a couple of long bits missed, which were probably missed due to missing comments in those areas). Still pretty good overall. A few false positives, but not enough to compromise the overall helpfulness of this as a starting point.

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