Posted on Jun 28, 2018 UTC by smortier

The 48-hour Games for Change Neuron Challenge begins now!!! Let’s see how many complete and fully connected neurons we can reconstruct over the next couple days. Big things to look out for: faint signals and disconnected areas. You may notice that there is a little guide on the side of the challenge indicating whether it is the optimal time to be tracing or connecting. You will receive 2x points for tracing during the “trace stage” and for connecting during the “connect stage”, however you can do any activity during any stage.

Thank you to our community of players who have helped us put Mozak on the map. And welcome to our new players!

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Posted on Jun 26, 2018 UTC by smortier

On June 28th, Mozak’s principal investigator Zoran Popović will be speaking at the Games for Change Festival in New York City. He will be sharing the incredible work this community has accomplished so far and what our goals for the upcoming year will be. To showcase Mozak’s community-accelerating reconstruction speed, we are launching a Games for Change Reconstruction Challenge. How many neurons can we reconstruct over the 2 days of the festival? Can we complete more than one full neuron per day? We’ll find out soon! During the Challenge, scientists at the Allen Institute for Brain Science and our team will be providing expert feedback on partial reconstructions every 15 minutes to enhance collaboration and skill acquisition of both incoming and long-time players. We will begin the challenge at 9am EST on Thursday, June 28th and conclude 48 hours later on June 30th. Happy tracing, everyone!

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Posted on May 22, 2018 UTC by smortier

There will be a brief downtime of the Mozak site tomorrow morning at 9:30am PST as we push out some updates. Thanks, as always, for all your contributions!

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Posted on Apr 19, 2018 UTC by smortier

In this latest update we have overhauled how the back end ‘consensus’ system behaves. This system is what is responsible for aggregating all player traces into a single trace that eventually gets passed to our partner neuroscientists to use in their research. This should not meaningfully change the way you play the game too much with a couple of exceptions that are hopefully improvements over the current system. The first is that consensus will no longer alter your own trace history. If you go to the settings menu and toggle consensus to ‘Off’, you will only see your work and ignore traces added by consensus. However, we recommend you keep this ‘On’, which will show a merged view of consensus with your work. Relatedly, the new algorithm should do a better job of remembering and preserving any connections to and from consensus nodes. This way you can easily see which parts of the neuron need more traces. The other major change is that consensus updates should be occurring much more frequently than before so you should see your scores update at a more consistent interval.

Again, thank you players for your contributions and patience. We will be continuing to make improvements to the consensus system in future in order to both make your tracing experience better and to have all of your hard work be higher quality.

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