Posted on Aug 28, 2017 UTC by smortier

We’ve a bunch of updates that have just been pushed out. These include:

*Being able to delete consensus nodes again

*Badges for new comments and hotspots will appear next to the buttons

*New comments will have an animated icon

*Bugfixes and performance improvements

For a full list of changes or to see the latest updates anytime, feel free to check the changelog.

In addition to updates, we’ve also received feedback from our friendly, neighborhood neuroscientist, alexh. Check out the results page under the “Challenges” tab to view what Alex had to say.

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Posted on Aug 18, 2017 UTC by szetor

Hi players, a couple of important notes we wanted to share.

On 7am tomorrow there will be a brief disruption in service while some application updates are applied. As part of tomorrow’s update, we will be temporarily disabling the ‘Disconnected View Mode’.

You may have noticed in the past that we have encouraged you to use ‘Disconnected View Mode’ to repair fragmented parts in the reconstruction. Unfortunately some bugs have been discovered in that feature and in its current state it is not as effective as we initially hoped. While we are resolving these issues, the feature will be disabled Apologies for the inconvienence as well as problems you may have run into. Despite this, we still encourage you to try to make as connected a structure as best you can.

Thank you for your understanding.

(Updated 8/17)
Some new features that have just been added:
The ability to delete just the line between two nodes. To use it simply select the ‘Delete Node’ tool, hover over a line you want to remove, and finally click. Deleting nodes still works the same way and you can still undo the delete if you need to.

We have also included a new menu option to toggle whether the lines should be rendered a bit thicker, useful if you were having problems seeing existing traces before.

If the game doesn’t load, clear the cache as described under the ‘General’ -> ‘Hints for Common Problems’ section here.

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Posted on Aug 10, 2017 UTC by szetor

Hi players, the issues we had with scoring some of the neurons appear to be resolved and we have re-opened them for further tracing. If you did work on Mouse-V1-56 or Human-TC-14 then you should have been credited with points.

Hopefully updates to consensus and your score for all neurons will be a bit quicker going forward as well. Thank you for your patience!

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Posted on Aug 7, 2017 UTC by smortier

Last night, we experienced a bot spamming our chat with inappropriate messages. In order to resolve this, I had to disconnect everyone from chat. While chat has been enabled again, you might be experiencing issues with it. If you are unable to send messages, it will help to log out, close the game, open it back up, and sign in. This should resolve any issues. Sorry for the inconvenience!

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