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  • Date: May 24, 2017 UTC
  • Consensus length: 131859 (91%) Gold Standard length: 145609 This neuron has great overall quality. The consensus dendrites look very nice. There are only a couple of missed segments. One major improvement would be if all the dendrites were fully connected. To some degree, all the consensus reconstructions are full of tiny gaps. These gaps make it time consuming to turn a consensus into a usable reconstruction. If players attempt to trace a more connected structure, the result should be a more connected consensus (we might also try an algorithm tweak). For the axon, there are a number of long sections that were not captured in the consensus. I bear some responsibility for that, having failed to identify these spots and direct the players with my comments.
  • Date: May 24, 2017 UTC
  • Consensus length: 100540px (78%) Gold Standard length: 128372 This cell was a particularly difficult one due to poor cell quality (the branches are very spotty). In the consensus reconstruction there is some missed dendrite length around the soma and deep in the slice. These two zones are the most common for missed branches; the soma area often has a poorer signal-to-noise ratio because of a “halo” of biocytin leakage, while branches in deeper areas often have lower signal intensity. There are at least a dozen missed axon segments; most of them are deeper in the slice. There also appears to be one axon tip that was captured in the consensus, but missed in the gold standard (good catch citizens!). There is some false positive signal traced in the consensus, but not an overwhelming amount.
  • Date: Mar 23, 2017 UTC
  • Consensus length – 90140px (82%) Gold standard length – 109355px This consensus is excellent. All the dendrites were captured accurately, and most of the axon was captured accurately with almost zero false positive. The missed axon was generally the faintest axon tips.
  • Length of community consensus: 10929μm
  • Distance contributed to consensus: 42238μm
  • Top contributors:
  • UserContribution
  • Date: Mar 23, 2017 UTC
  • Consensus length – 56231px (140%) Gold standard length – 38190px Our gold standard is a dendrite-only, so we cannot compare the axon. Only one dendrite tip was missed. The axon looks quite good, except for that cluster of false positive at the top.


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