Posted on Apr 19, 2018 UTC by smortier

In this latest update we have overhauled how the back end ‘consensus’ system behaves. This system is what is responsible for aggregating all player traces into a single trace that eventually gets passed to our partner neuroscientists to use in their research. This should not meaningfully change the way you play the game too much with a couple of exceptions that are hopefully improvements over the current system. The first is that consensus will no longer alter your own trace history. If you go to the settings menu and toggle consensus to ‘Off’, you will only see your work and ignore traces added by consensus. However, we recommend you keep this ‘On’, which will show a merged view of consensus with your work. Relatedly, the new algorithm should do a better job of remembering and preserving any connections to and from consensus nodes. This way you can easily see which parts of the neuron need more traces. The other major change is that consensus updates should be occurring much more frequently than before so you should see your scores update at a more consistent interval.

Again, thank you players for your contributions and patience. We will be continuing to make improvements to the consensus system in future in order to both make your tracing experience better and to have all of your hard work be higher quality.

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Posted on Apr 14, 2018 UTC by smortier

It’s Citizen Science Day and the fine folks over at the Human Computation Institute together with SciStarter have put together an event called the CitSciDay HERO challenge. Players go around and try out some cool citizen science games and earn badges. You may have guessed it, Mozak is involved this year! There are likely to be some fresh faces in chat from people coming by to earn their badge so feel free to welcome them to our awesome community. If you want to check out the event (or claim your Mozak badge!) check out the blog post here.

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Posted on Mar 15, 2018 UTC by smortier

Players of Mozak have experienced some game-shifting changes lately; most noticeably the change in navigation. While previously, you had to zoom in and out of a neuron using levels, waiting to load each view, now you are able to effortless explore a neuron - only loading an image stack once you’ve decided to trace a specific area. Our hope is that this will significantly improve gameplay and exploration. The next release is likely to include a brand new, significantly accelerated consensus for quicker, more accurate feedback.

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Posted on Feb 7, 2018 UTC by smortier

The Mozak team has recently focused on finding new ways to significantly increase the speed and quality of reconstructions as well as make the process much more natural.

We identified lack of easily interactive high-resolution navigation and inspection as one of the key culprits. Mozak players should be able to look at entire volume at swift rates and figure exactly where more work needs to be done.

To achieve this we will be changing the top-level mechanic of the game. Soon gameplay will be centered around a big map with smooth real-time interaction across the entire neuron space. No more waiting for a new level to load.

Here’s a sneak peek at how the map will look like. Try interacting with it, zooming in and out, moving around. Notice that on the map we can see all details, figure out exactly where axons are connected, and see all faint dots that may need to be reconstructed. There is nothing in the entire volume that is not visible on this kind of map.

Stay tuned for the first release with this feature. Feel free to pop in with questions or comments here.

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