Posted on Jan 21, 2017 UTC by inkycatz

It’s not the start of a clever joke, but it is a fresh neuron from the primary visual cortex. Make your mark upon the leaderboard and get started now. Mouse-V1-12 will remain up through the weekend, and is likely to close early next week, so don’t forget to show it some love as well.
Also in time for the weekend, stay tuned for a brand new scientist feedback post with comparisions of challenges Mouse-V1-04 through Mouse-V1-07. On Monday, we'll bring you feedback on Mouse-V1-08 through Mouse-V1-10.
Have a fantastic weekend, and keep doing an awesome job!

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Posted on Jan 20, 2017 UTC by inkycatz

Have you been working diligently on Mouse-V1-11? You’ll be pleased to know that our efforts are paying off, and this challenge will close at the end of the day today (Friday). That means you have until 5pm Pacific time (convert your timezone here) to wrap things up.

Look for a fresh neuron to appear later today in time for the weekend. We have been told it is also from the primary visual cortex. Let’s see how fast we can get through it!

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Posted on Jan 18, 2017 UTC by inkycatz

For your mid-week enjoyment, Mouse-V1-12 is now available. Be sure to leave any feedback or questions you may have in our forums.

Please keep in mind Mouse-V1-11 is likely to close before the end of this week, so be sure to get those traces on that done first!

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Posted on Jan 17, 2017 UTC by inkycatz

Great news, we have enough data on ALM-01 and 02 to close them later today. Please be aware that we’ll be closing them in the late evening, so please be sure to finish up your work on these two datasets by around 8pm Pacific time, Tuesday (17 January). We’re also getting close to finishing Mouse-V1-11, and it will likely be finished in the next day or two. This will help clear the way for fresh challenges, and you can expect to see some new ones posted soon.

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