Posted on Dec 11, 2018 UTC by szetor

(01/07/2018) Hi players, our first release of the new year has some improvements to the Connect-the-Dots tools to simplify it a bit more. We’ve remove the notion of having to click on a node again to ‘commit’ a trace. In addition, ending a segment on an existing node will no longer have that existing node be selected. We hope this changes make using Connect-the-Dots a bit smoother by reducing the number of clicks needed to select/unselect nodes. There were also a few bug fixes, all the changes in this update are in the changelog here. Happy tracing!

(12/24/2018) Hi players, the latest update was mostly modifications to the code to prepare for big new feature updates in the future. However, there were a few bugs fixes and ui tweaks you can view in our changelog. Thank you for playing!

(12/11/2018) Hi players, we have released recently released an update to the game. The primary changes involved overhauling the tutorial to more gradually introduce some of the tools and have better positioned tooltips and making comments have a solid fill so they are easier to see and click on. See the full changelog here.

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Posted on Nov 14, 2018 UTC by szetor

Connect-the-Dots got a user experience makeover! In preparation for releasing Mozak on touch devices (coming shortly), we needed an alternative to the right-click button, and make the interaction more streamlined. There is no longer a notion of “finalizing the trace”. You simply add an new edge from the current node by clicking on a new point.

We also hope that the new user interface will encourage people to grow the traces from existing traces rather than starting a new branch out of nowhere. You can still start a brand new branch by manually unselecting a current node highlighted orange, and then clicking on a new location. As an added bonus, now that right click is not used, you can rotate while in CtD mode!

See the changelog here for all the updates. If you have suggestions to change how new interface work please let us know!

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Posted on Sep 11, 2018 UTC by szetor

(Oct. 23, 2018) Hi players, we released an update mainly related to trying to address performance issues and loading times. There is definitely still room for improvement regarding those areas but hopefully this lastest update makes the game a bit less laggy.

(Oct. 11, 2018) Hi players, we have released more updates to the game. You can see them in the changelog here.

We have re-done some of the camera controls so they work better on touch devices, let us know if this change has any negative impact on your experience. We have also allowed for the game to stretch to fill the browser window so you have more space to work.

(Sept. 11, 2018) Hi players, we have just released an update with several bug fixes. You can view them all here in our changelogs.

As always if you have feedback or questions regarding these changes or anything else related to Mozak, please let us know in the forums or on chat. Thanks for all your work!

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Posted on Sep 7, 2018 UTC by szetor

We are excited to share more feedback from our partners at the Allen Institute for Brain Science regarding some past neurons that you have helped reconstruct. Read their comments here:





Generally the player reconstructions have been pretty good. Areas that have twists and curves could use improvement though, try zooming in closer before tracing to improve the detail and should you see the consensus taking an incorrect path you can delete it and retrace it.

As always we greatly appreciate feedback and suggestions to improve the mozak experience, you can leave them at our forums here. Thanks for all your work!

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