Posted on Jun 24, 2019 UTC by szetor

06/25/2019- The server issues have been resolved. There a handful of client bug we are still in the process of fixing but the game should be playable. Apologies for the inconvience.

Hi players, We are experiencing some issues with one of our servers that is responsible for distributing 3D image data. This is rendering the game unplayable at the moment. We greatly apologize for the inconvience and are working to address this as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience.

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Posted on May 21, 2019 UTC by szetor

Hi players, we finally have some user facing changes updated today! They include an important bug fix when selecting nodes and reducing the number of hotspots shown on screen at once. We’ve mainly been working some backend changes for the past month but should now be able to address more client side concerns in the near future. Check out the changes here.

(06/05/2019) Hi players, in this release we have a handful of small bug fixes and undid some changes to hotspots which we found were not helpful. Check out the changes here. Thanks for your contributions!

(05/21/2019) Hi players, it has been a while since our last update, we have been working on some exciting future features that still aren’t quite ready for the public. In the meantime, we do have some updates to the game to share. They include changes to hotspots by adding a animation to ones that have had recent tracing done in them as well as hide ones that have been inactive for too long and better gesture support for laptop trackpads. View all our changes here. Thanks for playing!

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Posted on Mar 5, 2019 UTC by szetor

(04/09/2019) Hi players, in the most recent up we have finally added achievements to the game. You can view the ones that are available by clicking on your username in the upper righ portion of the screen. Currently there is only a very small batch but are working on adding more in the future. In addition, the current achievements will only look at neurons that are already closed, so it might take some time between when you finish tracing and when you actually have the achievement unlocked. View more information here. Thank you for your contributions!

(03/19/2019) Hi players, in the latest update we added improvements to virtual finger to make it create smoother curves as well as making tooltips over various buttons and ui components more consistent and visible on mobile devices. The full changelog is here.

(03/05/2019) Hi players, the latest update has mostly been focused on addressing a number of issues on mobile devices as well as fix an annoying issue where you had to completely refresh the browser if there was an interruption in communicating with our game servers. The full list of changes can be found here.

Thank you for all your contributions!

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Posted on Dec 11, 2018 UTC by szetor

(01/29/2019) Hi players, in our latest updated we have introduced quests in the game. These are tasks that you can complete during your tracing session. At the moment they are primarily used to introduce new users to the game during the tutorials but hope to make it more engaging for more experienced users in future updates. We also have a handful of bug fixes for some long standing issues. View all the updates here in the changelog.

(01/07/2019) Hi players, our first release of the new year has some improvements to the Connect-the-Dots tools to simplify it a bit more. We’ve remove the notion of having to click on a node again to ‘commit’ a trace. In addition, ending a segment on an existing node will no longer have that existing node be selected. We hope this changes make using Connect-the-Dots a bit smoother by reducing the number of clicks needed to select/unselect nodes. There were also a few bug fixes, all the changes in this update are in the changelog here. Happy tracing!

(12/24/2018) Hi players, the latest update was mostly modifications to the code to prepare for big new feature updates in the future. However, there were a few bugs fixes and ui tweaks you can view in our changelog. Thank you for playing!

(12/11/2018) Hi players, we have released recently released an update to the game. The primary changes involved overhauling the tutorial to more gradually introduce some of the tools and have better positioned tooltips and making comments have a solid fill so they are easier to see and click on. See the full changelog here.

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