Updates (02/22/2022)
Posted on Aug 10, 2021 UTC by szetor

Hi players,

Apologies for the long time since our last update, we have been busy with other aspects of the project, but finally have new items to share with you all. We are introducing a new major feature, called tag pins that will allow you to mark nodes of interest so you can more easily return to them later. By selecting a node and pressing the ‘T’ key you can place a persistent tag pin on a node of interest, for example a branching point. You can use the tag to return to that node more easily. In addition consensus will now automatically add tag pins at endpoints, indicating areas which you may need to form a connection or continue tracing from. To unlock tag pins, you will need to have at least finished the quest introducing you to consensus. We have updated the Magic Tracer tool to create smoother traces and to perform a bit faster. In addition, we have changed the behavior so if you hold shift and left click, it will place a single point. You no longer need to switch to a different tool like Connect-the-Dots 3D if the Magic Tracer fails to create a curve. We have also exposed parameters in the top right settings menu that can affect the quality and performance of the tool, we will create a document that better explains these settings shortly.

Finally, if you experience issues with the latest release, you may need to clear the browser cache and press the ‘Update Available’ button at the bottom right of the screen.

Thank you for playing, we hope to provide more improvements soon!

(08/21/2021) Hi players,

We just released a new update to the application. We re-added a few buttons that got removed in the ui overhaul. They are the invert colors button that is located above the brightness slider and buttons to more closely control the 3D image clipping. We also added more relevant objectives/quests to the right hand tab to give you a better idea about outstanding issues left in the current challenge. Let us know if you have any issue and thank you for playing!


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