Updates (05/06/21)
Posted on Apr 23, 2021 UTC by szetor

Hello players, we have released a bug fix to some of the tracing tools to work better with the 3D image clipping tool. It should now ignore the signal that you specified to be cropped out using the slider, hopefully resulting in tools like virtual finger making more accurate paths.

(04/23/21) Hello players,

We have a new update to the client to allow us to better support image data from additional partner labs. You’ll notice a new ui slider element at the top of the screen that will allow adjustment of image intensity thresholds.

Image thresholding is a new feature that aims to improve visibility across a neuron for both you and the tools you use. Adjust the dual-handled slider to set the two thresholds. Everything that fall between those two thresholds will be brighter and better contrasted. VF and CTD3D will only consider data that fall between these thresholds. This should enable greater ease of tracing with some of the tricker, fainter datasets. By placing this power into the players’ hands, you have significantly greater control over how you play. We’re going to post some tricker datasets for you to experiment on with this new tool. Enjoy!!!


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