Posted on Dec 20, 2016 UTC by inkycatz

Did you notice the newest challenge? This neuron continues our series of visiting the mouse primary visual cortex. Note, we have turned down the contrast for this screenshot, and find it may help you as well. Get started now.

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Posted on Dec 19, 2016 UTC by inkycatz

Today we’re delighted to introduce a brand new feature called “hotspots”.

When you click the flame icon in-game, regions of the neuron we call hotspots are specially highlighted, to direct you to regions that we think contain important reconstruction work. Currently, these hotspots are regions that other reconstructors have done work in but that we aren’t sure enough about to make part of the consensus reconstruction.

Give it a try today, and be sure to post your feedback on our forums.

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Posted on Dec 16, 2016 UTC by inkycatz

Hi everyone! We got some notes this afternoon we wanted to pass along that should help with our current challenge. Go here and check it out. Feel free to post your followup questions in the thread!

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Posted on Dec 15, 2016 UTC by inkycatz

Exciting news today, we have chat! Included in our updates to stability and performance of consensus, we also brought along our chat system, which was first developed during Nanocrafter development.

Keep in mind that chat is generally moderated, and if you haven’t checked out our Community Guidelines, you’ll be expected to have done so. We welcome your suggestions on how to improve the chat experience on the forums, which you can get to by pressing “Community” on the menu above. Please send chat bugs to the bug forum, and suggestions/feature requests straight to General Discussion. Also note you need a registered account to chat.

Come on by and say hi.

As always you can also visit the changelog in our forum for the basic version of updates.

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