Posted on Jun 26, 2017 UTC by szetor

A couple of small changes have been made to the game client. Settings have been incorporated into a new dropdown menu, more settings will be added in the future. Some default keyboard shortcuts have been added for most of the tools. You can view them here under the ‘Keyboard Shortcuts section’.

If you find the application does not load or behave correctly you may need to clear your browser cache as an old file might still be used. Instructions to clear the cache for a specific site on Windows browsers can be found here. For Safari on Mac, Go to Safari->Preferences->Privacy->Manage Website Data. Search for mozak and ‘Remove’ the data for the site.

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Posted on Jun 22, 2017 UTC by szetor

Hi players, Human-TC-11 and Mouse-V1-46 have just been added. Several previous traces have been sent to our partners at the AIBS for evaluation and feedback, so be on the lookout for results over the next week or so.

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Posted on Jun 19, 2017 UTC by szetor

Hi players, several neurons look completed according to our partners at AIBS. Mouse-V1-39, Mouse-V1-40, and Human-TC-10. They will be removed today June 19 at 5:00PM and be replaced with new neurons.

Mouse-V1-41 and Mouse-V1-42 will be removed on June 21 at 5:00PM.

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Posted on Jun 10, 2017 UTC by szetor

Hi players, while we are waiting for progress updates for the current neurons from our partners at AIBS, a few new ones have been posted for you to get started on.

Mouse-V1-41 - This one has no gold standard initially created, meaning scientists will hopefully use your traces as a starting point.


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