Creating a Connected Neuron + Neurons Closing
Posted on Aug 1, 2017 UTC by szetor

Hi players, we want to highlight features in the application to help you create higher quality reconstructions that are more useful for our partners at the AIBS.

If you open the settings menu in the top right corner you can see an option to toggle ‘Disconnected Mode’. When turned on the reconstruction will turn pastel pink and blue. The pink indicates that a branch is not directly connected to the soma area (this is like the root body of the neuron).

By using the Connect-the-Dots tool, you can connect fragments by clicking on an existing node to start and end. You may need to zoom in closer to see some of the gaps and fragments along a line. Do your best to try to connect them to turn as much of the reconstruction blue and earn easy additional points!

Finally, Mouse-V1-51 and Mouse-V1-52 will be closing on Tuesday and Thursday respectively at around 5pm. Mouse-V1-57 has just been opened.


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