New Features + Clearing Cache
Posted on Jul 12, 2017 UTC by szetor

Hi players, we have released a new feature that allows you to use the Connect-the-Dots tools to connected fragmented parts of the neuron trace. You may have noticed consensus emits disconnected traces, now you have a tool to begin joining them together.

Some of the basic menu options like sound or consensus visibility are now saved across sessions.

Other bug fixes for camera controls and comment visibility were are included.

Finally if you notice that the game doesn’t load, you may need to clear your browser cache. Instructions to clear the cache for a specific site on Windows browsers can be found here. For Safari on Mac, Go to Safari->Preferences->Privacy->Manage Website Data. Search for mozak and ‘Remove’ the data for the site.


The browser you are currently using may not be compatible. Please use the most recent Chrome or Firefox for the best experience.