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Verified Keyboard Shortcuts for Mozak

Started at 01/17/17 - 8:26pm UTC by tristanlbailey

902/13/17 - 9:23pm UTC
by tristanlbailey
Welcome! Feel free to start your own new threads!

Started at 11/16/16 - 3:18pm UTC by inkycatz

011/16/16 - 3:18pm UTC
by inkycatz
General Tips to Enjoy Mozak

Started at 06/07/16 - 10:08am UTC by inkycatz

006/07/16 - 10:08am UTC
by inkycatz
Community Rules

Started at 06/07/16 - 10:05am UTC by inkycatz

006/07/16 - 10:05am UTC
by inkycatz
Visualizing and Interfacing in Virtual Reality

Started at 04/27/17 - 7:44am UTC by dlazares

104/27/17 - 5:30pm UTC
by szetor
Need better documentation

Started at 04/27/17 - 3:25pm UTC by

104/27/17 - 5:26pm UTC
by szetor
Not accurate with free hand

Started at 04/27/17 - 3:18pm UTC by

004/27/17 - 3:18pm UTC
Looking for a Seattle-local player for a KOMO-TV story

Started at 04/27/17 - 11:08am UTC by zuomings

004/27/17 - 11:08am UTC
by zuomings
[Feedback] The New Collaborative Interface

Started at 03/16/17 - 10:30pm UTC by tristanlbailey

1104/26/17 - 4:31pm UTC
by LotteryDiscountz
contacting humans for more in depth questions

Started at 04/25/17 - 2:17am UTC by ryanmathewlarson

204/25/17 - 9:44am UTC
by ryanmathewlarson
Speed vs. Accuracy

Started at 01/11/17 - 2:45am UTC by tristanlbailey

504/25/17 - 1:54am UTC
by ryanmathewlarson
Change log hasn't been updated

Started at 04/24/17 - 10:04am UTC by Gil

104/24/17 - 9:33pm UTC
by zuomings
Background Question: What should our main focus be?

Started at 04/04/17 - 6:50am UTC by Algebreaker

204/06/17 - 8:26am UTC
by inkycatz
[Discussion] Challenge images and: what is all this stuff...

Started at 03/28/17 - 10:04am UTC by BendBob

304/05/17 - 10:24pm UTC
by BendBob
[Suggestion] Blue traces turned off when...

Started at 03/29/17 - 9:44am UTC by BendBob

103/30/17 - 12:36pm UTC
by inkycatz
[Question] The Virtual Finger(VF) Tool - searching for nodes

Started at 02/23/17 - 10:13am UTC by BendBob

303/17/17 - 3:35pm UTC
by vogon
Challenge Survey!

Started at 03/14/17 - 1:28pm UTC by inkycatz

003/14/17 - 1:28pm UTC
by inkycatz
How useful is the new Image volume?

Started at 03/13/17 - 9:28pm UTC by Gil

203/14/17 - 8:49am UTC
by inkycatz
Zoran wants us to Read More!

Started at 03/13/17 - 12:47pm UTC by BendBob

103/13/17 - 3:23pm UTC
by inkycatz
[Suggestion] Higher Score for Detailed Tracing

Started at 03/06/17 - 8:17pm UTC by tristanlbailey

903/13/17 - 1:33pm UTC
by zoran
[Question] Are there synapses in the images?

Started at 03/07/17 - 10:21am UTC by BendBob

403/08/17 - 10:45pm UTC
by tristanlbailey
Let's Talk Hotspots

Started at 03/06/17 - 4:26pm UTC by inkycatz

103/06/17 - 7:39pm UTC
by BendBob
Mozak Puzzles

Started at 03/04/17 - 10:32pm UTC by tristanlbailey

103/06/17 - 9:57am UTC
by inkycatz
Mozak News Articles

Started at 02/24/17 - 6:54pm UTC by tristanlbailey

503/03/17 - 8:27am UTC
by inkycatz
[Suggestion] Grab Node Tool

Started at 02/25/17 - 11:19pm UTC by tristanlbailey

102/27/17 - 10:38am UTC
by inkycatz
[Suggestion] Node Z-slice Indicators

Started at 02/24/17 - 6:32pm UTC by tristanlbailey

102/27/17 - 10:37am UTC
by inkycatz
[Suggestion] Centre View on a Node

Started at 02/25/17 - 11:00pm UTC by tristanlbailey

002/25/17 - 11:00pm UTC
by tristanlbailey

Started at 02/25/17 - 10:07am UTC by Gil

102/25/17 - 10:54pm UTC
by tristanlbailey
[Suggestion] Mozak Tutorial Improvements

Started at 02/01/17 - 5:42pm UTC by tristanlbailey

202/23/17 - 10:25pm UTC
by tristanlbailey
[Suggestion] Lines on the Connect-the-Dots tool

Started at 01/04/17 - 6:41pm UTC by tristanlbailey

102/23/17 - 3:54pm UTC
by inkycatz
[Feedback] Hot Spot Tool

Started at 01/06/17 - 8:45pm UTC by tristanlbailey

102/23/17 - 3:54pm UTC
by inkycatz
[Suggestion] Improving Translation Arrows

Started at 02/01/17 - 5:38pm UTC by tristanlbailey

102/23/17 - 3:54pm UTC
by inkycatz
[Suggestion] Double Plus & Double Minus Zoom Buttons

Started at 02/18/17 - 6:38pm UTC by tristanlbailey

102/23/17 - 3:53pm UTC
by inkycatz
[Suggestion] Isolating the Viewing Area / Custom View Box

Started at 02/19/17 - 7:45pm UTC by tristanlbailey

102/23/17 - 3:52pm UTC
by inkycatz
[Question] Completing Puzzles

Started at 02/22/17 - 8:16pm UTC by tristanlbailey

102/23/17 - 3:52pm UTC
by inkycatz
[Discussion] Fog of War

Started at 02/13/17 - 10:38pm UTC by tristanlbailey

902/21/17 - 6:10pm UTC
by tristanlbailey
[Question] Dotted Dendrites

Started at 02/19/17 - 8:59pm UTC by tristanlbailey

202/21/17 - 4:50pm UTC
by tristanlbailey
News articles should have menu item

Started at 01/13/17 - 3:20pm UTC by Gil

302/13/17 - 12:36pm UTC
by inkycatz
[Question] Virtual Finger (VF) timing

Started at 12/15/16 - 2:23pm UTC by BendBob

202/13/17 - 10:33am UTC
by inkycatz
[Suggestion] Change Range on Brightness Control

Started at 02/01/17 - 6:23pm UTC by tristanlbailey

402/04/17 - 5:55pm UTC
by tristanlbailey
[Suggestion] Bookmark Trace Locations for Later Viewing / Viewing by Other Players

Started at 02/01/17 - 5:22pm UTC by tristanlbailey

202/02/17 - 6:51pm UTC
by tristanlbailey
[Suggestion] Comments from scientists are being covered by tracings and not useable

Started at 01/27/17 - 12:46pm UTC by BendBob

102/01/17 - 8:38am UTC
by inkycatz
[Suggestion ]Tool for comparing a player's closed challenge/puzzle tracings against the Consensus

Started at 01/27/17 - 12:14pm UTC by BendBob

301/31/17 - 11:04pm UTC
by tristanlbailey
[Question] When starting/rejoining a Challenge is it always a "2 Hour Until Update" wait?

Started at 01/27/17 - 12:38pm UTC by BendBob

101/30/17 - 10:53am UTC
by inkycatz
[Suggestion] Resume where I left off

Started at 01/27/17 - 12:42pm UTC by BendBob

201/30/17 - 10:52am UTC
by BendBob
Is there any progress on the suggested "undo button"?

Started at 01/27/17 - 3:55pm UTC by sean4046

101/27/17 - 4:01pm UTC
by inkycatz
[Suggestion] Add "Your Score" to the summary of top scores presented in the list of current Challenges

Started at 01/27/17 - 12:24pm UTC by BendBob

101/27/17 - 1:01pm UTC
by inkycatz
Date included on Global Chat

Started at 01/25/17 - 10:55am UTC by Gil

101/25/17 - 5:46pm UTC
by inkycatz
The "Gold Standard"

Started at 01/12/17 - 11:02pm UTC by tristanlbailey

401/17/17 - 8:22am UTC
by inkycatz
[Question] Faint lines that maybe part of puzzles

Started at 01/12/17 - 4:06pm UTC by BendBob

301/13/17 - 1:50pm UTC
by inkycatz
Need puzzle closing date & time

Started at 01/12/17 - 11:24am UTC by Gil

201/12/17 - 9:56pm UTC
by tristanlbailey
Video from the Allen Institute for Brain Science

Started at 01/09/17 - 3:20pm UTC by BendBob

101/09/17 - 3:36pm UTC
by inkycatz
Does the word Mozak have meaning?

Started at 01/07/17 - 2:18pm UTC by BendBob

101/07/17 - 7:24pm UTC
by tristanlbailey
Why should we keep banging our heads on the wall?

Started at 12/28/16 - 10:58am UTC by BendBob

501/07/17 - 7:47am UTC
by BendBob
Challenge Mouse-V1-05 and the "bubble edge"

Started at 12/16/16 - 3:11pm UTC by inkycatz

301/05/17 - 11:15am UTC
by inkycatz
Mouse-V1-07 puzzle

Started at 12/29/16 - 3:10am UTC by tristanlbailey

301/04/17 - 8:22am UTC
by inkycatz
[Confused] Mouse Wheeling Through Slices: and what I see...

Started at 11/17/16 - 10:24am UTC by BendBob

212/22/16 - 9:36am UTC
by BendBob
[Suggestion] Hide purple nodes only

Started at 12/22/16 - 9:07am UTC by BendBob

012/22/16 - 9:07am UTC
by BendBob
[Question] Joining separate tracings

Started at 12/15/16 - 8:39am UTC by BendBob

312/16/16 - 9:46pm UTC
by tristanlbailey
Puzzle Naming Scheme

Started at 12/07/16 - 1:00am UTC by tristanlbailey

312/16/16 - 9:35pm UTC
by tristanlbailey
[Question]Z jumps versus tracing

Started at 12/15/16 - 8:36am UTC by BendBob

212/15/16 - 5:22pm UTC
by BendBob
[Question] Tracing, direction, and those overlap areas

Started at 12/15/16 - 8:46am UTC by BendBob

112/15/16 - 9:07am UTC
by inkycatz
Suggestion Followup Roundup Thread

Started at 12/05/16 - 10:43am UTC by inkycatz

512/13/16 - 8:22am UTC
by inkycatz
Suggestion: Shortcut to "square" the image in VF mode

Started at 11/30/16 - 7:37am UTC by Xendrais

312/06/16 - 2:36pm UTC
by Xendrais
What about browser differences...

Started at 12/02/16 - 10:36pm UTC by BendBob

112/05/16 - 7:58am UTC
by inkycatz
Mozak menu "Community" thought...

Started at 12/02/16 - 11:34am UTC by BendBob

112/02/16 - 1:54pm UTC
by inkycatz
Suggestion: Let users sort the "Last Post" column

Started at 11/30/16 - 8:34am UTC by BendBob

212/02/16 - 10:30am UTC
by inkycatz
Suggestion on Suggestions

Started at 11/28/16 - 6:06pm UTC by tristanlbailey

211/29/16 - 9:45pm UTC
by tristanlbailey

Started at 06/16/16 - 8:25am UTC by Madde

1911/28/16 - 7:43am UTC
by inkycatz
[Question] Should we trace the soma or just the axons and dendrites?

Started at 11/26/16 - 11:52am UTC by Bryan

111/27/16 - 1:53am UTC
by tristanlbailey
The All-Purpose Introduce Yourself Thread

Started at 06/07/16 - 5:26pm UTC by inkycatz

311/24/16 - 10:11pm UTC
by NinjaGreg
[News] Article about a type of mouse neuron found in the pelvis!

Started at 11/21/16 - 3:13pm UTC by BendBob

111/21/16 - 3:18pm UTC
by inkycatz
Let's talk about scores!

Started at 11/21/16 - 1:30pm UTC by inkycatz

011/21/16 - 1:30pm UTC
by inkycatz
When in CtD mode: How to make the mouse wheel change mode...

Started at 11/20/16 - 12:56pm UTC by Xendrais

211/21/16 - 7:40am UTC
by Xendrais
[Question] Connect the Dots & Z planes

Started at 11/18/16 - 3:00pm UTC by inkycatz

111/18/16 - 5:08pm UTC
by Xendrais
feedback / comments

Started at 06/08/16 - 9:29am UTC by jonbro

3911/18/16 - 9:36am UTC
by inkycatz
Please let me know when you have made progress with bugs...

Started at 11/09/16 - 8:31am UTC by Xendrais

111/09/16 - 8:57am UTC
by inkycatz
How do you post screenshots in this forum?

Started at 11/05/16 - 12:55pm UTC by Xendrais

211/07/16 - 8:42am UTC
by inkycatz


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